Agenda - 2020.11.09

Regular Board of Directors Meeting

 Red Oak Inman Elementary School Campus for:  
Board Members, Superintendent, Business Manager 
VIA Internet and Phone for others-visit school website for information              

Monday, November 9, 2020 – 7:00 pm

-  Agenda –


1.0 Call to Order – Board of Directors President Bryce Johnson

2.0 Roll Call – Board of Directors Secretary Deb Drey

3.0 Approval of the Agenda – President Bryce Johnson

4.0 Public Presenters/Guest and Visitors Addressing the Board

5.0 Communications

5.1 Good News from Red Oak Schools

5.2 Visitors and Presentations

5.3 Affirmations and Commendations

5.4 Correspondence

5.5 Public Comments

6.0 Consent Agenda

6.1 Review and Approval of Minutes from October 26, 2020

6.2 Review and Approval of Monthly Business Reports

6.3 Open Enrollment Requests Consideration-None

6.4 Personnel Considerations

            6.4.1 Resignation of Shauna Berendes as Para Educator effective 10-29-2020

6.4.2 Resignation of Robin Jones as Inman Elementary Secretary effective 1-8-2021

6.4.3 Resignation of Ryan Gelber as HS Head Football Coach effective at the end of the 2020-2021 school year

6.4.4 Hiring of Dave Carlson as Title 1 Para Educator at Inman Elementary for the 2020-2021 school year

7.0 General Business for the Board of Directors

7.1 Old Business


7.2 New Business

7.2.1 Discussion of Red Oak School Board Meetings returning to in person for all

7.2.2 Discussion/Approval of SBRC application for Open Enrollment Out not in Fall 2019 in the amount of $158,240.00

7.2.3 Discussion/Approval of SBRC application for ELL Beyond 5 Years in the amount of $20,157.28

8.0 Retiring Board Adjournment

*Agenda for the New Board of Directors, FY 2020-2021

             Monday, November 9, 2020-Estimated to start immediately after the retiring                       board adjourns

1.0 Call to Order – Board Secretary Deb Drey (will preside until new president is elected)

2.0 Roll Call- Board of Directors Secretary Deb Drey

3.0 Election of Officers- Board Secretary Deb Drey

            3.1 Discussion/Approval-Nomination/Election/Swearing in of Board President

            3.2 Discussion/Approval-Nomination/Election/Swearing in of Board Vice President

            3.3 Appoint Board Secretary and Board Treasurer

                        3.3.1 Discussion/Approval of Assistant Board Secretary and Board Treasurer

            3.4 Discussion/Approval-Designation of Legal Publication

3.5 Discussion/Approval-Designation of Depositories/Limits-Houghton State Bank $25,000,000; Iowa Schools Joint Investment Trust $25,000,000

            3.6 Discussion/Approval-Designation of Legal Counsel

            3.7 Discussion/Approval-Meeting Dates and Times

            3.8 Discussion/Approval of Board of Directors Committee Assignments and Service for   FY 2020-2021

3.8A Negotiation/Labor Management Committee with the Red Oak Education Association

3.8B Negotiation/Labor Management Committee with the Red Oak Support Staff Association

            3.8C School Improvement Advisory Committee board representative

            3.8D Red Oak District Policy Committee

            3.8E Red Oak District Facilities Committee

            3.8F Red Oak District Calendar Committee

            3.8G Red Oak Technology Committee

            3.8H Montgomery County Conference Board

            3.8I Boost 4 Families

            3.8J Stem Committee

4.0 Ordering and Approval of the Agenda-New Board President Elect

5.0 Consent Agenda-None

6.0 General Business for the Board of Directors

            6.1 Old Business-None

            6.2 New Business-None

7.0 Reports                

7.1 Administrative

7.2 Future Conferences, Workshops, Seminars

7.3 Other Announcements

7.4 Board Member Requested Item(s) for next meeting agenda

8.0 Next Board of Directors Meeting:             TBD

                                                            Red Oak Inman Elementary

                                                            Red Oak CSD Inman Elementary Campus

9.0 Adjournment


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