505.6R1 - Student Activity Program Regulation

Grades 9-12

Activity Eligibility

The merit, value and effectiveness of participation in interscholastic competition is recognized and participation by as many students as possible is encouraged.  Participation in interscholastic competition is a privilege and with this privilege comes responsibility.

Individual sponsors or coaches may impose rules in addition to those contained in this handbook.  The rules imposed by individual sponsors or coaches must have administrative approval and be on file with the Activities Director.  Sponsors or coaches will provide a copy of these rules to his/ her players and their parents.  The privilege of participation may be suspended or cancelled for violating an individual coach’s or sponsor’s rules as well as for violation of school district policies, rules, or regulations.

The Board of Directors of the Red Oak Community School District offers a variety of voluntary activities designed to enhance the classroom education of its students.  Students who participate in extracurricular activities, whether away from or at school, serve as ambassadors of the school throughout the calendar year.  Students who wish to exercise the privilege of participating in extracurricular activities must conduct themselves in accordance with board policy and must refrain from activities that are illegal, immoral, unhealthy, or highly inappropriate.  Participating in these activities is a privilege, conditioned upon meeting the eligibility criteria established by the board, administration, and individual activity coaches and sponsors.  The activities director shall keep records of violations of the Good Conduct Policy.

The following activities are covered by the board’s policy and these rules:

Athletics, instrumental and vocal music performances, drama productions, speech contests, FFA, FHA, National Honor Society, all co-curricular (e.g., Art Club, French Club), all honorary and elected offices (e.g., Homecoming King/Queen/court, class officer, student government officer or representative), state contests and performances for cheerleading and drill team, mock trial, Academic Decathlon, or any other activity where the student represents the school outside the classroom.

Academic Eligibility

To be eligible for an activity, students participating must

  1. Be enrolled or dual-enrolled in school;
  2. Have earned passing grades in at least six full-time classes the previous semester;
  3. Be earning passing grades in at least six full-time classes in the current semester;
  4. For students in athletics, music, or speech activities, be under 20 years of age;
  5. For students in athletics, music, or speech activities, be enrolled in high school for no more than eight semesters;
  6. For students in athletics, have not been a member of a college squad nor trained with a college squad, nor participated in a college contest nor engaged in that sport professionally;
  7. Have met all transfer requirements, if the student is a transfer student, or be eligible under state law and regulations if the student is an open enrollment student;
  8. Special education students or students covered by a Section 504 plan shall not be denied eligibility on the basis of scholarship if the student is making adequate progress, as determined by the student’s team, towards the goals and objectives on the student’s IEP or 504 plan.


Students are expected to be in regular attendance the day of and the day after an extracurricular activity.  Failure to adhere to this expectation may result in disciplinary action for that activity..

  • Students shall be in school and attend all four blocks on the day of an extracurricular interscholastic activity.  Any exception must be cleared in advance by the principal or his/her designee.
  • If a student will miss a class or classes because of an extracurricular activity, he/she must have an advance excuse and turn in assignments to teachers in advance or make special arrangements for such assignments with the teachers involved.