505.5 - Student Fund Raising

Students may raise funds for school-sponsored events with the permission of the principal and superintendent. Fund raising by students for events other than school-sponsored activities is not allowed. Collection boxes for school fund raising must have prior approval from the principal before being placed on school property or district-sponsored events.

District-sponsored student organizations may have no more than three fund raising projects per year.  Only one fund raising project may be a direct person-to-person sales campaign.

There is to be no duplication of direct person-to-person sales projects within the school year.  Two organizations may not sell the same project at different times during the same year.

Other fund-raising projects, such as dances, dinners, or car washes may be duplicated, but may not involve the solicitation of funds in any person-to-person manner.  For example, the FFA club could have a dance as could the student council, but neither group could solicit people individually to purchase tickets.

A request for authorization to engage in a fund raising project must be submitted well in advance on an appropriate form from the building principal’s office.  Such authorization must be obtained before any fund raising may take place.  The authorization of the building principal must be forwarded to the superintendent for final approval.  In general, no more than one fund raising project is to occur within the district at any given time, other than dances, dinners, car washes, or similar service types of projects.  Exceptions may be approved due to seasonal constraints or for other unusual circumstances.

All monies are to be turned in to the principal on a daily basis and forwarded to the district central office.  The checks will be issued from the central office for the expenses incurred.  Monies collected in buildings on a daily basis are to be kept in a building vault.  If no vault exists in a building, the monies are to be forwarded to the district central office daily. Monies must never be kept overnight in desk drawers, file cabinets, or other classroom/office furnishings.

Any person or entity acting on behalf of the district and wishing to conduct any fundraising campaign for the benefit of the district shall begin the process by seeking prior approval from the Superintendent.  Any fundraising efforts conducted using the district's name, symbols, or imagery will be conducted in accordance with all policies, regulations and rules for fundraising within the district. 

A record of each organization’s projects will be maintained by the building principal, along with a calendar of all approved fund raising dates/activities.  The building principals shall coordinate their calendars to ensure compliance with this policy. The superintendent will appraise the Board of all scheduled fund-raising activities at least once per semester.

It is the responsibility of the superintendent, in conjunction with the principal and activities director, to develop administrative regulations regarding this policy.

Legal Reference:

Senior Class of Pekin High School v. Tharp, 154 N.W.2d 874 (Iowa 1967).

Iowa Code § 279.8.

Approved August 23, 2021          
Reviewed August 23, 2021         
Revised August 23, 2021