506.5R1 - Graduation Requirements Regulation

Classification of Students 

Students in the Red Oak Community High School shall be classified at the beginning of each year as follows:

  • Freshman

Those entering their first year of high school.

  • Sophomore

Those entering their second year of high school.

  • Junior

Those entering their third year of high school.

  • Senior

Those entering their fourth or more year(s) of high school.


Course Requirements

The following courses are required and should be taken at the level indicated:



Composition Skills is required. (1)

*US History (2) 

English Elective (1)

Social Studies Elective (1)

Math Elective (2)

English Elective (2)

World Area Studies is required. (1)

Biology (2)

Physical Science (2)

Physical Education (1)

Physical Education (1)

Math Elective (2)





Math Elective (2)

English Elective (2 from the following):

World Literature (1)

*US History (2)

A.P. English (2)

Science Elective (2)

British Literature (1)

American Literature (2)

Physical Education (1)

Senior English (1)

College Bound Senior English


Government (1)


Economics (1)


Physical Education (1)


* Required during sophomore or junior year


Making up courses that have been failed

Whenever a student fails to obtain necessary credits in a required course, the course must be made up or retaken as soon as possible.  Whenever a student fails an elective course, the particular course failed need not be made up or retaken; however, the student must be sure he/she will have enough credits to graduate.  The best procedure to follow whenever a course is failed in each and every situation is for the student to visit with the counselor.  No credit is given for courses failed.


Duplicating Courses

In most cases when a course is successfully completed it may not be retaken for credit.  There are exceptions, and students should review each course description (e.g., studio art, pottery).  Written permission from the principal and from the teacher is required to duplicate any course.