506.6 - Early Graduation

506.6 - Early Graduation

Generally, students will be required to complete the necessary course work and graduate from high school at the end of grade twelve.  Students may graduate prior to this time if they meet the minimum graduation requirements stated in board policy.

A student who graduates early will no longer be considered a student and will become an alumnus of the school district.  However, the student who graduates early may participate in commencement exercises.

In considering early graduation, the student and his/her parents need to consider seriously the advantages and disadvantages of this option.  There should be compelling reasons for pursuing such a course.  It is the viewpoint of the board and the administration that students should take advantage of the opportunity to grow and mature intellectually as well as socially through four years of high school attendance.  The benefits of interacting with one’s peer group and enrolling in courses/activities that offer opportunity for participation in varied activities need to be given serious consideration.  It is recognized, however, that a few students might better satisfy their particular needs by early completion of high school in order to pursue a career, enrollment in a post-secondary school, or to become involved in some other worthwhile endeavor.

The process to accomplish early graduation is as follows:

  1. Application for early graduation shall be submitted to the principal no later than the last day of the fourth quarter of the junior year. No late requests will be considered except for transfer students entering after the start of the 4th quarter.  In extreme circumstances exceptions to the above deadlines may be made upon the recommendation of the high school principal.  It is strongly recommended that all students complete four years of high school.

  2. The student must earn the required number of credits for graduation from this school that are in effect at the time of application.  This includes specific required courses.  The eighth semester of required physical education will be waived.
  3. Prior to the time an application is filed, the student and his/her parents or guardian are required to meet with a school counselor to discuss the feasibility of early graduation.  Such matters as the student’s past record of scholastic achievement, attendance, attitude toward school/teachers, reason(s) for early graduation, and subjects to be pursued in earning credits need to be considered. 
  4. A request for early graduation is subject to the recommendation of the principal and the approval of the board.
  5. A student approved for early graduation forfeits his/her eligibility to participate in all school sponsored or sanctioned activities during the eighth semester and the following summer.  This means you cannot participate in prom, class trip, or athletics.
  6. Even though the student would earn a diploma before the other students in his or her graduating class, it would not be granted until graduation ceremonies at the end of the school year.  The student could elect to take part or not take part in graduation ceremonies but in either case the principal would have to be notified of the decision by January 15.
  7. School records would show the student as having met the requirements for graduation effective the last day of their final semester.  Grade average and rank-in-class for the student would be determined and listed at the end of the seventh semester. A student graduating early will not be eligible for valedictorian or salutatorian.   If needed, the principal will certify early graduation by letter to any college or post high school institution or prospective employer requiring proof of graduation.
  8. Any student who has been approved for early graduation will be expected to achieve passing  marks in elected courses and to maintain regular school attendance.  Course schedule changes will not be made to suit the convenience of the student.  Course changes will not be made that will adversely affect the course/section balance.
  9. Prior to his/her eighth semester, a student may reverse the decision of early graduation.  The student would then be required to remain in school and enroll as a full-time student during the final eighth semester.



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